About us

About Us

Attention to the customer, product quality and orientation towards research and development: all this is FAC GB.


The company, founded in 1956, with the production of mastics and solvents, immediately became an indispensable element in the footwear district of the Marche region. These products are the "invisible" but basic presence of many production sectors, all linked to Made in Italy, which make the world fall in love with our style and our creativity.


FAC GB grows over time, thanks to the presence of a team that is always ready to network with client companies and offer innovative solutions: from Civitanova Marche the collaborations expand up to Tolentino, another important footwear district, to then cross regional and national borders .


A relationship, the one with customers, which takes shape and is sustained thanks to a widespread sales network, which leads the company to always experiment with new products for new sectors, such as nautical, automotive and furniture.


The range offered also grows thanks to the absorption of local companies such as ASTOR, APA and ANCI CHIMICA: the 10 thousand square meters of our factory are the tangible sign of a reality that continues to expand, where specialized and highly qualified technicians work every day to offer you ever more performing products capable of making your production even more extraordinary.