COLORPEL is a solution of low viscosity natural resins with a high concentration of dyes, which gives a high tinting power, in ethyl alcohol. It is used for dyeing leather, masonite or hardboard heels which are difficult to colour.

It is applied with a brush after sanding the heel with 150 grit sandpaper. When it is dry, after about 3/4 minutes, it is sanded with 180 grit sandpaper, obtaining a smooth, compact surface and a uniform base colour. Subsequently, the heel will be colored with CERIVAX and then molded with a rotating canvas or horsehair thread on which the DYING WAX is applied (rotation speed not exceeding 1,000 rpm). COLORPEL can be applied with roller machines on the leather petticoats. In this case, after the colouring, it is sanded with 180 grit paper and then the polystyrene is injected into the mould, in which the petticoat was previously inserted. After removing the heel from the mould, it is finished by applying the CERIVAX colors and brushing with a rotating brush with cloth or horsehair threads on which the DYING WAX is applied. Brush rotation speed not exceeding 1,000 rpm.

COLORPEL is flammable, therefore it is necessary to comply with the safety standards that regulate the use of flammable substances.

Available in various colors. Packaging kg. 5/10